Last Day in the Snow

Monday, December 9, 2013

Testing the night mode of my camera phone. Kind of fuzzy but at least you can see us.

Before heading home, we stopped by one more spot to play in the snow. Iris was happier sitting on a picnic blanket rather than directly on the snow.
Simon and Daddy played in the snow which included digging out silly faces.
We stopped by Jalapeno’s Taqueria for lunch.
Try their super fries! Like nachos except with fries.
After lunch, everybody except Daddy took a nap until we stopped at Fenton’s Creamery for a snack. Simon and Daddy shared a two scoop sundae.
I had a single scoop of banana nut with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top.
A good way to end our trip.

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