Bringing back the Bumbo

Day 217

Simon hated sitting in the Bumbo when he was first learning to sit up by himself. He kept on wiggling to try to get out of it. We tried to feed him in it but he would also struggle to get out. But I tried it this morning to let Simon have some puffs for breakfast and it seemed to work well. I like it better so that I don’t have to buckle him into the booster seat.

Simon went out and about all day with daddy. They went to visit Grandpa Tam and Simon was fascinated by his ID badge.

After being out all day, Simon was exhausted.

Tonight we had takeout from Hukilau.
From top left and clockwise: pele wings, taro fries, kalua pork burrito, and chicken katsu with a fried egg.
A bit too much food so we were stuffed and have plenty for the next day.

Another picture with the green mushroom. Simon likes to play with it now, trying to roll it around. Since it is strangely shaped, it doesn’t roll predictably so I think Simon is fascinated by it.

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