Day 216

I had a delicious tiramisu cupcake made by Cupkates. Thank you Virginia!
Only complaint, a bit too much frosting but very delicious crust and filled cupcake.

Simon is easily bored and we need to rotate through his toys. He’s been fascinated by this Fisher Price Poppin’ Pals toy but isn’t really sure how to use it. There are various knobs, switches, or buttons to press to make the animals pop up so he hasn’t figured out how to do it yet, he knows how to close them though.

So Simon has become a picky eater. He no longer wants to eat pureed foods, he has been refusing the food we’ve been trying to feed him with a spoon. Instead, he prefers to pick up finger foods by himself and TRY to put them into his mouth.

He ends up making a big mess!

We’re afraid he might not be getting enough food but it seems he is trying to make it up by drinking more milk. But he is probably okay since he is still very active. He loves playing with his piano that we borrowed from Auntie Zoe.

Ron blew bubbles for Simon today and Simon just looks very confused…

Simon has picked up “running”… with assistance of course! He gets super excited before he takes off running.

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