Broadway Prime in Burlingame

My Dad’s Uncle Kin arrived from Canada this evening so my parents figured it’d be a good opportunity to have dinner and celebrate my birthday, kill a few birds with one stone.

I ended up choosing to have dinner at Broadway Prime in Burlingame. I called around 2:30pm to make a reservation for 7 people at 8pm, pretty easy.

My impression is that the restaurant is pretty much the same as House of Prime Rib in San Francisco except quite a bit smaller and a bit of a different atmosphere, maybe not quite as traditional? Not sure how to explain it. The restaurant has an upstairs dining area where it could be pretty nice for a small party for up to 20 people but you lose the flair upstairs as they don’t make the salad in front of you nor do they bring the prime ribs to your table to let you see them slice it.

The salad was still good though, the thousand island-like dressing with red beets (I really like red beets).

We had a nice cabernet to go with our meal.

My parents and uncle Kin.

My brother and his girlfriend Cali.

The prime rib is served with your choice of baked potato, mashed potatoes, or garlic mashed potatoes. This is the latter.

The meat is served with your choice of creamed corn or creamed spinach. This is the former and the Select Cut (the middle choice, there is also the Peninsula Cut – small and Broadway Cut – large).

There is also a popover (good for soaking up the juices).

My parents got me a cake from Sogo Bakery which makes really good fruit mousse cakes. We ordered our wedding cake from them.

I got all the candles out.. thank goodness it was only 3 and 1 for good luck!

The cake was delicious as expected and the perfect size for the 7 of us.

Oy, stuffed!

Broadway Prime
1316 Broadway Ave
Burlingame, CA

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