Missing our own washer and dryer

Reminiscent of the dorm days where you had to do your laundry in the dorm laundry room if you didn’t have time or the ability to go home and do your laundry at your parents’ house..

I was so excited with we bought our first washer and dryer for our home… I’m really missing them now as we don’t have laundry hook-ups in our apartment but rather machines in the lower garage. $1.50 to wash, and each 25 cents is 8 minutes for the dryer… and when it doesn’t get dry and you run out of quarters, we are forced to hang out clothes to dry on our canopy bed. Reminds me of Singapore all over again with having to hang laundry, we didn’t even have a dryer there. I hope we can find a more well equipped place in the future…

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