Brother’s Korean BBQ

We enjoyed some good Korean BBQ with our friends Susan & Ken. We
attempted to go to Brother’s Korean BBQ on Geary Blvd. The original
restaurant is #4128 and it was packed! There were groups waiting
inside and waiting outside. By the whiteboard where you sign your
name and the give the number of your party is this small white sign
that says they have a restaurant down the street at #4014 if you want
faster service with the same great food.

We smelled totally like charcoal and meat when we left the restaurant
but we left happily stuffed.

We ordered the soft tofu soup. It wasn’t very spicy but had lots of
ingredients and a good soup stock. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy,
it’s my cell phone camera.

We also had the kalbi and bulgogi. The guys helped to cook a yummy meal.

They threw in a complimentary plate of spicy squid. This was pretty
good, sweet and spicy.

We had soju and beer to top off our meal, the best accompaniments to our meal.

Brother’s Korean Restaurant
4014 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118

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