Tonight I went to Jardiniere on Grove Street. My coworker Patrick was invited to a dinner hosted by Wyeth for a teleconference about a new drug called Relistor, a drug for opiate induced constipation. Anyways, so he invited me too and I figured I should start learning about US drugs again plus it’s hard to pass up a free dinner.

The dinner was a 3-course meal with three choices for each course. For an appetizer, I had the salad.

From 08-26-2008 Jardiniere, hosted by Wyeth

The vegetarian risotto. The foamy stuff around the risotto was interesting.

From 08-26-2008 Jardiniere, hosted by Wyeth

Ricotta cheesecake with raspberry sorbet. The cheesecake was nice and light.

From 08-26-2008 Jardiniere, hosted by Wyeth

The teleconference started around 7pm. It was pretty interesting as they used their cell phones to dial in to the conference and then used a bluetooth speaker device to broadcast the lecture in the room. Cool technology these days.

Only medical professionals can have dinner while listening to a talk about constipation…

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