Brotherly Love

Friday, October 25, 2013

While I was cleaning the other day, I found this blue dog that I bought for Simon when he was around 1-1/2 years old. When you drop it, it barks. He wasn’t really interested in it before so it went into storage for a while. When I took it out recently, the barking made him giggle and smile. I asked him if he would share it with Iris since she was looking intently at it. At first he didn’t want to but then after a few minutes, he let Iris have it. She was so happy! She was munching on the ear and making them crunch and holding tightly around the body. But then Simon wanted it back and Iris made a really sad face. She pleaded with Simon by cooing at him and her eyes were tracking him all over. Eventually he shared again and she was all smiles. It’s so fun to watch them bonding.

Today Simon also had the best morning. He didn’t make a peep as he said goodbye to me this morning at school. Ron said he didn’t cry yesterday either but he tends to be less emotional with Daddy. Simon’s teacher was also really proud and rewarded him with a package of stickers. The note essentially says that Simon has grown up!

Simon has been in such a good mood today. He didn’t even complain to me about the bump on his forehead. Apparently he was jumping and hit his head on one of the pillars so has a little bump on his forehead. The teacher told me when I was picking him up and even filled out an “incident report” for our records. They applied an ice pack and he seems fine.

Glad to be home playing with Iris.

We went out for dinner so didn’t get home until after 8. Iris was already tired at the restaurant so was fast asleep after the car ride home. Who else wants to kiss this cheek?


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