Pumpkin Patch, First Tooth, All Dressed Up

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This was our last weekend to clear out our WC home for our tenants. Ron had the big tasks of moving his fish tank over this weekend and of finally clearing out his “fish room” (the third car garage). Hopefully most of the little critters and corals will survive the shock of the move. It’s definitely more effort to move a fish tank than to move inanimate objects.

So I had a busy weekend with the kids, trying to keep them entertained.

Saturday, October 26:
I had some errands to run in WC so took the kids out there to visit a pumpkin patch in Concord. Most pumpkin patches these days seem to have those bouncy houses but Simon wasn’t at all interested in them so he went straight for the pumpkins.

Iris wanted to eat the pumpkins. Here she is contemplating putting her mouth on the pumpkin and sucking on it.

It’s difficult coordinating both kids to look at the same time with a pleasant expression.

Simon was really happy to sit and pose for pictures in the pumpkins.

We chose five pumpkins to bring home and decorate.

Then we went for lunch at McDonalds. After eating his Happy Meal, I gave Simon $1.10 to order a vanilla cone. He was a little shy at first but was super happy to get his cone.

And eat it!

He has not figured our how to keep up with the melting and can’t eat the whole thing but enjoyed it nonetheless.

In the evening, we just hung around watching TV and Simon started making raspberries. At first we told Simon to stop because he was spitting saliva everywhere then Iris started laughing. Little sister encouraging big brother’s bad behavior!

Iris’ milestone today is her new tooth! She was really fussy during bath time which she never does. She enjoys splashing and getting water poured over her usually. But she kept on wanting to put her hands in her mouth. So I quickly washed her and wrapped her in towels and as she was still screaming with an open mouth, I saw a little something on her lower gum line. Her first tooth is making its appearance! It’s the white sliver on her lower gum line.

I hope she has relief now that it has finally broke through. I also hope this won’t be the end of breastfeeding. I stopped BF with Simon because I couldn’t figure out how to make him not bite. After he stopped BF, I had a harder time keeping up my milk supply. I still have plenty stores in the freezer but still don’t want to have a huge drop and not have enough until she turns one years old.

Sunday, October 27:

Today we got all dressed up for our friends’ one year old birthday party. Iris is playing with her tooth constantly by making funny faces.

She’s getting close to being able to sit up by herself but not quite there yet.

Simon all dressed up with his big “cheese!”

The super cute and yummy dessert table.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the backyard where Iris lay down and watched the leaves in the trees.

Simon was entertained by the balloon twisting man Mr. SHAP (Super Happenings Always Possible).

A fun afternoon but also exhausting for all. Both kids fell asleep on the car ride home. Simon continued to sleep even after arriving home and didn’t want to wake up. Thanks for inviting us to a great party Lee family! Happy 1st birthday!


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