Brunch at Four Seasons

Day 292

Simon’s little fingers are getting chubby.

We met up with Kathleen for a late afternoon brunch at the Four Seasons. It has been about 2 months since we had the chance to catch up. Since Simon had been sick, I was afraid we wouldn’t make it to brunch but with a long (almost 2 hour) morning nap, I think he was refreshed and ready to tackle the delicious brunch.

The waiter brought Simon this little crab stuffed toy. Not sure why but it was good to distract Simon before food came.

We ordered the two-course meal with one bloody mary. I had the salmon salad appetizer (which was actually additional $5 on top of the two-course meal price, just for the salmon). Actually, Simon had most of the salmon. He really liked it and kept on wanting to eat more. Likely because it was fresh and moist, not like the frozen stuff we try to cook him at home.

Ron had the croque monsieur to start, basically a ham sandwich with a poached egg on top. Quite a large portion for a first course.

Kathleen had the tuna tartare with avocado and shrimp chips (at least I think that’s what they were) on top.

I’m not usually a fan of bloody mary but these were pretty delicious. Tart and spicy, yet refreshing.

I had the brioche french toast with fresh stawberries. I was already pretty stuffed from the salad so only ate 1/2 a slice but it was yummy.

Ron had the crab sandwich served with salad and potato chips. He said it was a bit “fishy”.

Simon and Kathleen.

After brunch, we went to the lobby to have Simon open his gift from Kathleen. He didn’t seem too interested in tearing apart the paper himself but seemed curious as we did it for him.

She got him this stuffed polar bear and a T-shirt that says “Future CEO”.

Simon was kind of tired and probably full. He hasn’t eaten much all week until today. But he tolerated some tickling and laughed for us.

The nutrition must have given him lots of energy since he had this hyper moment at home.

Winter illnesses are no fun for baby or parents.

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