Bumbo Escape Attempt

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simon’s lunch today of Hawaiian sweet rolls with hot dogs, strawberries, white peaches, broccoli pasta salad, animal crackers, and babybel cheese. He ate most of it except left half the peaches and half the pasta salad. He also ate his snack of crackers and apple chips. Plus drank a 10 oz thermos of milk. I think his appetite is definitely back!

Little Iris sleeping this morning. She has been twisting and turning in bed so has rubbed off part of her hair in the back. She’s able to more easily scoot herself around on her back so has to be watched more closely whenever on her back, including the diaper changing table.

Simon’s school project. They are learning about the five senses. This is from yesterday.

Today he had art and they made these which is supposed to be a turkey with their handprint as the base.

Simon wasn’t crying at all when I went to pick him up. He was playing dress up as a policeman. But he did not nap today so was tired in the car. We hit bad traffic on highway 24 so it took is an hour to get home 🙁

We were late getting to eat since I had to make dinner. But Simon was very happy to get home and have dinner and his evening fruit.

Iris had a long day of being awake. Nanny said she didn’t nap in the afternoon so both of them were a little tired looking. But Iris perked up and was happy to play. I put her in the Bumbo and she wasn’t in the mood for sitting still. She kept on trying to escape by leaning toward one side.

Daddy getting Iris to smile at the camera.

Simon imitating Ron. At bedtime, we read and sing a song while lying next to Simon on his bed. Ron usually lays on his side and uses his arm to prop up his head. I guess Simon felt inspired to copy him today and found it humorous hence the funny grin.

Still two more weekdays to go. I’m already pretty tired and looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. I wish there was some way to pump while laying down and sleeping. Saving all this milk is best for Iris but it is also time consuming when you’re already tired and just want to sleep. My routine lately has been to put Iris to bed then pump, sleep a few hours, wake up to pump, go clean the kitchen (dishes and baby bottles), make lunches, feed Iris when she wakes up, then back to sleep a few more hours until we all have to get up for work and school. Everything gets done that needs to be done in these wee hours of the morning.

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