4 Month Well Baby Visit

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Simon’s lunch of mini corn dogs, strawberries, and raspberries. Also his snack of low sodium Ritz crackers, dried persimmons, animal crackers, and a few fruit snacks. He cleaned up everything except the raspberries. So proud our little guy is finishing his food.

So far, perks of working in Oakland Chinatown are my favorite pearl tea place (Sweetheart Cafe) and the Cupkates truck. I didn’t get to go to the truck myself but my brother brought me back some. Unfortunately they ran out of my favorite, salted caramel, so instead got red velvet, s’mores, and caramel apple. Looks yummy and looking forward to digging in!

I was able to leave work early to take Iris to her 4 month well baby checkup and immunization. She did well and didn’t cry at all during the exam. Here she is waiting quietly on the exam table.

She only cried for a minute after her three shots and one oral vaccine. She’s 15 lbs 13 oz and 25.75 in long. Growing and growing! She was surprisingly calm on our way back to the car. She was really tired and quickly fell asleep.

Simon seemed to have a better day today. Ron picked him up and he was happily playing pretend as a doctor. He still asks when school will be over and says he doesn’t want to go but it seems he’s slowly adjusting. I dropped him off this morning and he started crying and screaming as I left. It was difficult for me to walk away and just close the classroom door so he wouldn’t run after me.

Happy to be home and taking a bath before turning in for the night.


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