Busy holiday season

I can’t believe it’ll be Thanksgiving next week. It’s been pretty busy lately at work and next week will be even busier since it’s only a three day work week, the clinic is closed Thursday then Friday will be like a Saturday or Sunday with limited services. So we’ll have lots of patients coming in Mon, Tue, and Wed. I’m going to try to rest up this weekend just in case.

Not much to blog about either since we’ve been staying at home and cooking more. We’ve settled more into a schedule so it’s not such a hassle to cook anymore.

So I’ve been sorting through old photos and found more of my kitties. They were really cute as babies.

Don’t laugh too hard at my hair since this was in 1990 when my parents brought me home my first kitty, this is Smokey at about 5 months old. She loved to sit in the middle of that tree. She passed in 2007, RIP Smokey.

This is Junipurr, we adopted her in the mid-1990’s. I feel bad I don’t remember… she got sick and my family had to put her to sleep on my birthday in 2001 while I was in New York. She was quite fond on my mom and brother but she loved to sleep on my bed. See if you can spot her, she blends right in!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Maxwell. He used to love to ride in the car while we went around Berkeley. I felt bad leaving him in the car when we’d go grocery shopping but he seemed to enjoy being out and about. He grew out of the car riding phase after a few months and became fearful of getting into the car.

He’s quite a quirky cat.

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