Macy’s SPCA window and ZaZang Noodles

This morning we went to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market to pick up some delicious fruits and have a light lunch and afterwards while Ron went to do some work, I walked over to Union Square to check out Macy’s annual SF SPCA display. There were only six windows with the kittens and puppies, I wish there were more.

My favorite was this white kitten taking a nap on the little padded park bench.

Most of the kitties were napping, probably tired out from playing.
These two kitties blended in with the carpet, I almost didn’t see them!

These siblings got a little playful after their short nap but they looked so cute snuggling up to each other.

This orange and white kitty slept through all the gawkers, so sound asleep and relaxed. A very pretty kitty.

There was only one puppy. He or she was clawing against the door behind because he or she really wanted to get out of there. Apparently his or her sibling was already adopted earlier in the day.

I love baby animals. So sweet and innocent and very playful.

After a few hours of fawning over the babies, we met up with friends to have some drinks at 21st Amendment where we had a Pomegranate brew, yummy. We then went to our friend’s apartment and tried this fabulous sparkling wine called La Caudrina La Selvatica. It’s very sweet, good for dessert.

We ended the night with dinner at ZaZang Korean Noodle which we’ve been to before, great za zang noodles. We decided to try the deep fried beef with sweet and sour sauce.

Quite sour and almost couldn’t tell it was beef but a very good portion and not bad.

A lot of walking today though, very tired. Only one more day to the weekend then time to start a VERY busy work week…

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