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Monday, November 11, 2013

I’ve finally caught up to the current date for our blog. Whew! After our trip to SoCal, I just couldn’t find the energy nor time to get the pictures off our P&S camera. Smartphones are great for day to day pictures but I still prefer a P&S for special events. Thank you for patiently waiting and for keeping up with us via this blog! Our happy kids also keep me going.

Thank you to our veterans today. For them, school was closed so I took half a day off to spend with Simon and take both kids to visit Grandma Tam. I worked in the morning so Simon stayed home with Annie and Iris. He helped Annie watch over Iris and patiently waited when Iris cried. He was apparently very calm and well behaved all morning. They went to the backyard to play and when he was ready to have lunch, he just stood up and matter of fact stated “I would like lunch now” so they went inside and washed hands, used the toilet, and sat down to lunch. After lunch, he stated “I need to go take a nap now so I can go to the park later” so went upstairs to his room by himself, took off his socks ands pants, crawled into bed and went to sleep. This is where I found him when I got home from work after we closed for lunch.

I am so proud of him for being such a good boy at home. He usually has at least one outburst when he’s with me but was really well behaved today. He took his usual nap, about 90 minutes, before we headed to San Ramon. I watched him sleep for a little bit so could check out his scabs. He sometimes sleeps with his eyes a little open.

We had a good afternoon with Grandma Tam.

Even playing together. Iris is starting to like peekaboo.

Simon and I went briefly to the park and he was a bit sad because the other kids didn’t want to play with him. So Mommy played with him by running around and helping him on the play structure when he needed help. Mostly he just needed encouragement to climb higher and try new things. He surprisingly really liked the slide.


We came back to find Iris napping (and drooling) on Grandma Tam.

So we went to feed some treats to the dogs before Grandpa Tam came back from work. Simon doesn’t like getting licked by the dogs so we are behind the gate.

We ended the day with a good dinner at Golden Sand Harbor in Dublin. Simon found a new favorite food, roast squab! He almost ate a while one by himself. I think he really liked the crunchy skin and gnawing on the legs and wings. Little boy has expensive taste sometimes.


Iris was a little overtired and wanted to fall asleep on the car ride home but couldn’t at first so started crying until she fell asleep. Simon kept saying “I don’t like crying babies”. It was a good opportunity to realize how we feel when he cries and throws a tantrum. He says he will try to be better about not crying so much and so loudly. Iris eventually quieted down and fell asleep. Simon is very helpful at this age and can tell me if Iris is awake or sleeping when I’m driving. Sometimes it’s hard to see the baby mirror, especially when driving at night. So he can be a big help, we just need to ask the right questions.

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