Getting Ready for Winter

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Iris trying on my new winter hat. Looks like she has a big head like the rest of us as this almost fits already!

Even though it should be getting cold, the weather was beautiful today at the Temescal Farmer’s Market. This was our first visit.

I was very impressed that Simon tried a lot of the fruits and vegetables. He tried carrots, strawberries, pluots, plums, persimmons, pomegranate, Asian pear, different grapes, and apples. I think he enjoyed the “sampling” aspect of it.

He threw a small tantrum about wanting orange juice (which he doesn’t drink) but got over it eventually. I think he just liked the miniature bottle it was in. We had a ham and cheese crepe and strawberry and Nutella crepe for lunch with mango lassi.

There was a balloon man there too so Simon asked for a zebra.

It’s fun to go out with them but sometimes it’s just nice to be home.

Iris’ newest favorite chew toy.


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