Celebrating Grandma Tam’s Birthday

March 27, 2011

Simon lounged around a lot today. His cold is probably catching up with him. He now has a really runny nose and cough.

After many cat naps, we made it out to dinner to celebrate Grandma Tam’s birthday a bit early. She bought him a lot of stuff from Hong Kong, including this tiger bib that has a scoop at the bottom to catch food. The good thing about this bib compared to the rubber ones is that this one is made from fabric and uses snaps to create the scoop so that the bib can be flattened. The fabric is waterproof though so you just have to wipe it clean. It worked out pretty well since the scoop can still maintain its shape.

Happy Birthday Grandma Tam!

Simon fell asleep in Grandpa Tam’s arms then took another nap on the car ride home. He was cranky when we got home then had a bath and whined himself to sleep. He’s been waking up periodically but since we are outside the room, he goes back to sleep.

So I have been busy bringing our blog up to date and I haven’t decided yet how often I’ll update from now on. I wanted to write a post and post at least one Simon photo each day until he turned 1. Now that he is 1 years old, I don’t know what to do. It’s become a habit for me to take a photo of him everyday and post date my posts if I get behind. Now I’ll have to figure out what to do from this day forward…

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