This is MY box of crackers!

March 28, 2011

On this chilly day, we decided to have hot pot at home for dinner so we went to the Japanese market on the way home to pick up some goodies. Simon spotted this box of crackers at the store and kept on calling out “cracker cracker” when he saw the box. So we let him carry it to the car.

He usually cries and protests by sitting down when we put him down to walk on the street but he was too happy about his box of crackers that he didn’t seem to mind on this day.

I love how he’s giving me this curious look like “did I do something wrong?”

Eating some edamame.

Using his foot to push open the car door, see his toes peeping out?

Hot pot was the perfect idea for dinner tonight. Warm bellies on cold evenings is always a good thing.

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