Chabot Space & Science Center

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I had work in the morning but we had plans to visit the Chabot Space and Science Center in the late afternoon. Bank of America had their “Museums on Us” promotion this weekend at Chabot so that Ron and I did not have to pay for admission since we are both Bank of America card holders. We just had to pay for Simon’s admission since he is over 3 years old.

I found both kids napping when I got home from work. Iris was a little fussy and needed to be held to sleep except for these few minutes where she slept on Annie’s futon.

Simon was sleeping under his tent and at first, I thought he was awake because his eyes were open! But he was snoring and fast asleep so didn’t see me or hear me come into his room. A bit scary to see him with his eyes open.

We made it in time to Chabot to watch their planetarium show about the moon.

Simon relaxing in the seat.

Iris and I watched too, sitting in the front. She was very calm and watched the lights above her. She only cried out a few times and was able to sit through the whole show.

After the show, our friends arrived and Simon was excited to explore with his friend Caden. There is a small playroom for younger kids so they played there first.

Simon is ready to blast off into space!

They both really liked this bigger space shuttle.

They tested man’s first “steps on the moon” for size.

Ron donned a space helmet.

Then a space suit.

Iris was well behaved and just observed her surroundings.

She even got in on the fun by trying on the space suit.

Simon was already getting tired and hungry so he didn’t want to get into the space suit. So we went to find ourselves some dinner and ended up at a Japanese restaurant in Montclair Village called Kotobuki. Their three item combination dinner is huge.

But overall, the food was only so-so. I’m not sure we will go back but it was nearby and service was quick for our hungry kiddos.

Fast asleep after an eventful day.

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