Lake Temescal Visit

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Simon wasn’t feeling very well most of the day. Complaining about his stomach hurting and being tired. But he wasn’t nauseated or throwing up or having diarrhea so I didn’t think it was a stomach flu. So he just rested and drank some Pediasure and Pedialyte because he wasn’t really interested in eating. I made the trip to Walgreens to buy him the drinks and some antacid so stopped by Gregoire to pick up some food for Simon. We were afraid he might have had some intolerance to something from last night’s dinner so didn’t want him eating leftovers. I ordered the fried chicken sandwich and their famous potato puffs.


While I was there, I neglected to check what type of oil they use in their fryer. I called when I got home because, since the restaurant is French, I suspected it was peanut oil. Unfortunately, it was peanut oil so Simon couldn’t eat either item. So he just had some Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets. Mom FAIL! I’m glad I called to check before feeding it to him but I need to be more cautious.

He was happy with eating his chicken nuggets at least.

But he complained about stomach pain again so had to go rest and take his afternoon nap. Iris and I decided to go out and check out a picnic area for Simon’s birthday next month. Let’s go!

When we got there, it was a little cold and Iris had fallen asleep in the car. Once I moved her to the stroller, she woke up but was still very drowsy. We took a walk around the lake and checked out the different picnic spots. This is near the beach where there is sand and you can swim in warmer weather.

We continued walking and took a picture near the lake.

The picnic spot looks like a good area with a small children’s playground nearby and very close to the beach so kids could play in the sand if they like. So I think this is where his party will be and I’m going to cross my fingers and toes for warm weather!

After our excursion, we headed to Costco to buy some fruits and vegetables.

Iris loves sitting in the shopping cart and apparently Mommy loves filling the shopping cart. We only went in to buy a few things but ended up spending over $200! At least I filled the minivan with inexpensive gas since there was no line.

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