Cheese Board Pizza + Philz Coffee + Park with Family

Friday, August 30, 2013

The many expressions of Simon.

Daddy Ron using a Baby Bjorn with Iris for the first time. She seemed a little perplexed that she was not being held and sort of “floating”.

Today we had orientation at Simon’s school so we could see his classroom and meet his teacher. Simon didn’t sleep well last night so was napping in the car on the way there and when we woke him up, he was really cranky. He fussed the entire time and screamed himself a bit hoarse. I hope the first day of school will be better.

Then we went to get lunch at Cheese Board Pizza, pick up coffee at Philz, and had a picnic at Live Oak Park. Today’s pizza of the day: Roasted potatoes, chile pasilla, onions, mozzarella and feta cheese, garlic olive oil, cilantro, limes.

Maybe sleeping beauty here needs some of my mint mojito coffee!

Simon eating his favorite part of pizza, the crust.

Perfect lunch with our family. Delicious pizza, yummy coffee, and beautiful day at the park.

Our lunchtime visitor.

Iris after her cat nap.

Then to dinner with the Chungs at Fusion Peruvian Grill. Unfortunately Iris was overly tired and the restaurant too bright and noisy for her so she was super fussy. I had to go to the car to calm her down before I could eat. I missed seeing the dishes arrive so these pictures are from Auntie Betty. The food was cold when I ate but everything seemed like it tasted good but would be better when hot. The sangria was like juice so very sweet and the fruit on the bottom seemed like the canned type so not very good. But everyone was stuffed which is always a good indication that the food was pretty okay.

Dinner was to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Chung’s birthdays so we went back to the house to sing Happy Birthday and eat a delicious mango sorbet and taro gelato ice cream cake. Simon helped to blow out the candles.

So driving to the Peninsula wasn’t too bad considering the Bay Bridge closure. The San Mateo Bridge wasn’t a parking lot but moving pretty well. Everyone must be avoiding going out or at least not traveling far. But there are still three days left if this long weekend and the closure so we will see how it goes v

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