Cheesecake Factory

Day 43

Today we had a craving for some non-Asian cuisine so since we live close to Union Square, we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  For the outing, we dressed up Simon in one of his new outfits.  The onesie is from Gap (from Auntie Sabrina, Uncle Min, and their twins!) and the pants from JAKC Designs (it is part of the robot outfit).  Doesn’t he look nerdy?  So funny… Ron says he kind of looks like Waldo from Where’s Waldo?

I’m wearing my wrist splint and although it is awkward with holding Simon, it has helped to reduce the sharp pains I was having.  I think it is helping by letting the swelling go down on my wrist and stop me from continual re-injury with my movement.  I hope in a few days that I can go without it during the day and only wear it at night.


We had a nice walk where Simon stayed awake but he fell asleep at the restaurant.  Probably all the white noise lulled him to sleep.


We had a good lunch but couldn’t fit in a piece of cheesecake so instead brought home a slice.  This is the red velvet cheesecake, so delicious!


As it usually happens, when Simon has on a new outfit, he pees on it.  This time it was probably daddy’s fault since he didn’t tighten the diaper enough so the pee leaked out of the sides.  Simon needed a bath anyways and after he bathed, we dressed him up in a full body suit, complete with footsies.  He looks like a little astronaut!  Simon seemed to like this as he promptly decided to sleep, nice and cozy.


Last night, we tried out the Halo Sleep Sack that we received from Ron’s friend Barbara in Germany.  It’s easier than wrapping Simon in a blanket but only if you put it on before he falls asleep, it can be cumbersome to try to put it on while he’s trying to fall sleep.  It’s nice a soft though, he slept well last night.


Simon was a bit active in the late evening since he slept quite a bit during the day.  Yesterday he had a very fussy and gassy day so didn’t sleep well so he seemed to be trying to make up for it today… until evening time when he finally caught up on his sleep and wanted to play.  His neck is really getting a lot stronger and is able to hold it up for longer periods of time when on his tummy.


I bought this hat from Target, it’s made by Carter’s, because it was so cute.  After washing, it looks like it shrank and is already too small for his head… we’re gonna have to stretch it out if we want him to continue to wear it.


He has such a perplexed expression, I wonder what he’s thinking?

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