Grandparents Galore

Day 42

Simon spent time with his grandparents today.  Grandma and Grandpa Chung came over to visit in the early morning, just in time to feed him.


He’s still be suffering from a lot of indigestion like symptoms so although he’s been tired and wanting to sleep, he hasn’t been able to sleep well.  I finally tried out the Baby Bjorn to carry Simon since he was only comfortable when vertical but I was quickly getting tired with carrying him everywhere (plus it was wearing on my wrists).  Using the carrier, I was able to free up my arms and with me walking around, it helped to rock him to sleep.  He got a good 2 hour nap this way.

Simon week 7

Today Simon wore his cool new Paul Frank outfit.  I did four loads of laundry yesterday since he was running out of clothes and blankets plus we seem to receive new gifts every week for him that have to be washed before wearing.  This outfit is so awesome and cute on him.  There are even suspenders in the back (sorry no picture…).  This picture is especially funny because my parents always say that I spent most of my time as a baby with my arms extended exactly like this… maybe mannerisms like this are genetic?


In the evening, we got Simon ready to take him over to Grandma and Grandpa Tam’s house for dinner.  It’ll be his first time visiting them at their home and to meet the dogs.  Ron has been experimenting with the DSLR that we borrowed from my dad.  He was playing with the sport mode where it takes many shots in succession, in order to catch Simon’s facial expressions since they change so fast.  Here’s a cute smile.


After our dinner, Simon woke up for a while to have a snack but fell quickly back into a deep sleep.  He didn’t even notice Buddy hovering all around him.  Actually Buddy is very jealous that my dad is holding Simon since it’s usually him that is in his arms.  Buddy has just had a bath and needs to be brushed, he looks like a wet little lamb.


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