Chicken Nuggets

Day 277

Just awoke and ready for breakfast. He’s leaning eagerly forward. I love his little teeth!

While Simon had a nap, I let Maxwell sit in my lap and scratched him behind the ears. Maxwell is 12 years old now, an old man in cat years. He’s still seems pretty healthy except maybe a bit skinny.

Simon had an hour nap before we went to Gymboree so he was a little more active and not so cranky. Right when we got there, he went straight for the whiffle balls. He likes them because they are easy to grab with his little fingers in the holes.

Today’s class was too crowded though so it was hard for me to get him to play with all the set-ups. His favorite of the day was still the crawl through the fabric tunnel. I put him down on one end then quickly went to the other side to entice him all the way in. He crawled way too fast to give me enough time to take a photo of him inside.

Tonight Simon had some chicken nuggets for dinner. We put them in the microwave, let them cool a little bit, and cut them into little chunks. He always goes for the new food right away but also had avocado and grapes for dinner.

It usually takes an hour for him to have a meal. I wonder if this is normal? We do a mixture of him letting him feed himself and also feeding him. I guess it’s better that he eats slower, it’s better for his digestion.

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