Simon’s Big Head

Day 278

Simon loves to feed himself. We always have to make sure his hands are clean before he sticks them in his mouth.

Yes, we did not change his clothes from yesterday. He went to bed without a bath or a change of clothes so was still wearing the same clothes this morning when I was feeding him breakfast.

He’s been having really itchy teeth so has been gnawing on his teething rings.

Uncle Henry and Auntie Betty came to visit Simon in the afternoon. Simon’s head is pretty big, he can almost fit into Uncle Henry’s hat.

Simon did something pretty amazing tonight. He stood up by himself for maybe 30 seconds… but only because he didn’t realize he was doing it. He pulled himself to standing on his toy bin shelf and he grabbed the blue disc with both hands and ended up just standing up on two feet. I tried to get Ron’s attention to turn on the video camera but without scaring Simon into sitting down… so he was only able to capture the end of the time he was standing up. Simon ended up bending his knees and activating the toy with his butt (when you press the yellow thing with eyes it activates the toy).

We tried to get Simon to do it again but he wouldn’t. I think he doesn’t feel safe so sits down right away when he realizes nothing is supporting him. It was pretty amazing to us though that he could stand by himself for more than 10 seconds.

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