China Bee Restaurant

Before taking Ron to the airport, we went for brunch at China Bee in San Mateo. We’ve heard from friends that they have yummy Taiwanese breakfast so thought we’d finally try it out. We ordered quite a bit to sample our favorite dishes.

Sweet soy milk, rice roll, pickled spicy cucumbers, and salty soy milk. The salty soy milk was properly made (according to Ron) where the milk is curdled and filled with crunchy fried dough and green onion and preserved vegetables. The rice roll didn’t have enough meat for Ron and I thought the pickled cucumbers were a bit over-pickled.

The fried stinky tofu. The sauce and vegetables were good, tofu nicely fried, but not all that stinky. Overall still good though as I liked the crunch it had.

Egg crepe. Ron thought the wrapper was machine made so not that good and there wasn’t any sauce so it was a bit dry.

Oyster pancake, I thought was yummy. Ron found it too fishy flavored. I liked whatever the red sauce was on top.

Last but not least, xiao long bao. They were really good when hot but not so tasty as it started to cool down. The wrapper was a bit thick but the juice with the meat inside was pretty good.

We’re not sure if we’d drive all the way to San Mateo again for breakfast since you can get similar quality at Taiwan Restaurant in SF.

China Bee Restaurant

31 South B Street
San Mateo, CA

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