Day 327 = January 23, 2011

Mommy and Daddy, I want to use chopsticks like you!

We had lunch together at King of Thai Noodle House in Union Square. I had the roast duck noodle soup.

Ron had a rice dish with minced chicken.

We shared an appetizer of fish cake wrapped in tofu skin and deep fried.

After lunch, we did some shopping together before Ron went back to a coffee shop and Simon and I headed home. Simon and I made a stop for a snack and cup of coffee. We sat outside to watch the cable cars rumble by.

When we arrived home, Simon was exhausted after our excursion and went right for a nap but woke up to have dinner with us. Silly boy showed us how lazy he was feeling.

Since his nap was late, he went to be a little later than normal but you could tell he was exhausted by his droopy eyes.

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