Christmas Eve

This week there wasn’t room to breathe… since it’s a short week, our infusion center was packed to the rim with patients, it was so busy, we were all working out butts off all week. I’m exhausted and glad that I have a few days off. We are going to my parents house for Christmas tomorrow but our friend Susan invited us over for dinner and to play Rock Band 2 tonight. I had a bit of a nap because I was feeling cranky and wiped out but eventually we made our way to their condo in SOMA.

We had a yummy meal, prepared some delicious lemon bars, and played Rock Band into Christmas.

Cute smoked salmon appetizers with cream cheese on top of little pancakes. I love the pancake idea, much better than crackers.

Enjoying some pre-meal wine.

Aged and regular rib-eye with three kinds of mushrooms. The meat was really good except we couldn’t really tell the difference between the aged and regular meat.

After our long hours of singing, strumming, and drumming with Rock Band 2.

Just what I needed to relax after a hectic week. I’m going to enjoy the time off while I have it, next week looks like it’s going to be even worse…

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