Joy Sushi – Winter Solstice

Ron’s family invited us over for dinner and to recognize winter solstice. We went to his parents’ house to pay respects to their departed grandparents and offer then rice dumplings. We’d come back after dinner to eat the rice dumplings.

We went to dinner at Joy Sushi, a Japanese restaurant that we frequent. We ordered a ton of food and I hardly remember what is what… Henry had gotten a $50 GC for only $3 but we had to spend a minimum of $100 in order to use the GC. He bought it from when they were having a sale. A very good deal… now I have a new place to check out for cheap(er) eats.

We shared some sake.

Rainbow roll and blossom roll.

Agedashi tofu.

I forget what roll it was with the eel.. but the one with the salmon on top is lava roll, spicy salmon. Plus some sweet shrimp sushi.

The best part of the meal. Hamachi kama, the yellow tail fish cheek served with a vinegar sweet sauce. We ordered two! So good.

Baked scallop roll.

Ron’s mom always likes to eat udon. This is their beef udon. The beef was a bit tough but the noodles were fun, a bit chewy.

The family.

Green tea cheesecake… not good.

Tempura green tea ice cream.

Overall after the $50 GC, the dinner still cost about $100 after tax and tip. We ate plenty and rolled out of there. We always have a good dinner there. Oh, they take reservations, so call ahead if you’re planning on going on Friday or Saturday night.

Joy Sushi
30 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94401

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