Christmas in San Ramon

We had Christmas dinner at my parents’ house in San Ramon. I baked this orange buttermilk pudding cake (thanks Susan & Ken for the Tartine cookbook!). It was pretty cool because it separated as it was baked. It was one homogeneous mixture when I put it into the dish and as it baked, it naturally separated. Unfortunately, when we reheated it for dessert, it “melted” so I think this dessert is best eaten fresh. It still had a nice flavor, just bad texture.

To entertain myself while waiting for dinner, I played dress up with my parents’ dog Happy. They had bought all these outfits for her but she doesn’t really like to wear them. I was surprised when she let me dress her up without too much of a struggle.

Here are her Halloween outfits:

Here is her “Happy Meter” outfit, she wags her tail like crazy usually but she was a bit pre-occupied since she wanted to get near my dad who was in the other room.

We bought this bunny outfit while in Bali, Indonesia and saw this cute store selling these dog outfits. Unfortunately, it is a bit small because her neck is a bit long so the bunny ears don’t really sit on her head. But look at the cute puff ball tail!

I bought Happy a Santa hat with matching scarf for Christmas.

This is the outfit my parents brought her home in, a bit small now so she looks like a “muscle dog”. She’s filled in quite a bit for winter too.

Here’s a random photo Ron took, my parents have a five bulb light fixture and this is the light shining through a glass of port. Neat-o.

Happy is a really sweet dog. Only thing is that she gets overly excited when someone new comes into the house and her bladder lets loose.

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