Christmas at YongPyong Ski Resort

We took a bus to YongPyong Resort to spend Christmas Day on the slopes. It was about a 3 hour trip. Ron booked us into a Youth Hostel that had heated floors and they provided rice pillows and floor pads to sleep on and it had a shared bathroom with the rest of the floor.

Since we arrived a bit let, we decided to go night skiing, starting from 5pm to midnight (or something like that). Back home in Cali, I’ve never been night skiing so I was interested to see what it’d be like. The night was beautiful. The snow was white and fluffy and it wasn’t as freezing cold as I thought it might be.

We went on some bunny (green) lifts and then we thought we’d be more adventurous and try some blue runs. In the end, we ended up accidentally going down a double diamond run. It was REALLY REALLY steep!! It was pretty scary going down and we couldn’t believe it was a blue run… so it made sense it was a double diamond but I can’t believe I made it all the way down since I’m not that great of a snowboarder.

I guess the picture is not so clear but my expression of shock is real.

We had dinner at one of the restaurants at the resort. A cold beer and warm food really hit the spot.

It was an interesting way to spend Christmas.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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