Sorak Waterpia

After a long evening of skiing, in the morning, we decided to take a bus another hour away to Sorak Waterpia in order to soak our sore muscles and relax. This place was much different than Dragon Hill Spa as it catered more towards families with children. They had an indoor water park area with a wave pool and community pools and saunas plus they had outdoor hot springs with different minerals and different temperatures. In the separate men and women areas, they had saunas and hot springs as well, up to 41 degrees Celsius.

Susan and I also went to try their ginseng scrub where they scrub and wash your face, body, and hair. It was quite a rough experience and you sort of feel like a piece of meat. The ladies who perform the services are wearing their underwear (looked like black lace lingerie) and they’re chatting (but sounds like scolding) with each other the whole time. It’s like they don’t really acknowledge you but are just doing their work.

This place was more expensive too, I think the admission is something around 30,000Won plus you have to pre-charge your RFID bracelets with money in order to spend on food, rentals, and services. Not like the other spa where you pay afterwards.

Afterwards we headed on a bus back to Seoul and went to have “duk bok kee” (rice cake) at Sindandong. The restaurant was named “I Love Sindandong” and we found it in our Korea guide book so thought we’d check it out.

They gave us bibs in case we splashed the spicy red sauce on us:

The dishes had ramen, clear vermicelli, boiled eggs, rice cake, fish cake, seafood, and lots of other things. The most interesting was the rice cake shaped like balls filled with cheese.

We were very pleasantly full after our late night dinner.

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