Coex Mall and Street Food

So today was a pretty relaxing day although we did get a bit lost… but at least the subway isn’t too expensive and we didn’t go too far away. It’s just that Ron had a meeting downtown then we had a free evening. We spent most of it wandering around COEX Mall and the Sports Complex Mall. We were hungry for some food so we tried a food stall, basically more pointing and gesturing. I got to eat my favorite Korean dish called duk bok kee.

It wasn’t very spicy but it was still yummy. We had a long walk back and ended up buying some drinks for home and Ron went out to buy some sweet and spicy fried chicken, which is apparently pretty popular in Korea.

It was quite a bit of walking today so it was nice to stay in, have some drinks and fried chicken and watch a Korean movie called Lover’s Concerto. I recommend the movie…

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