Korean Folk Village

Today we decided to visit the Korean Folk Village which is located near Suwon. We had to take a bus to Suwon then take another shuttle to the Korean Folk Village. We ended up heading out a bit late but as we have done every morning before leaving, we say “hi” to the puppies at the local pet store:

They are like our temporary pets in Korea that are there every morning when we leave and are there every evening when we get back. They are so cute! I wish I could bring one with me back to Singapore.

Anyways, we made it to the Korean Folk Village and paid 16,000Won per ticket to the Korean Folk Village which included a shuttle bus ride back and forth plus entrance to other activities there. We arrived at the same time as two busloads full of children.

We arrived also around the time when all the afternoon shows were started. We watched a traditional dance, a see-saw demonstration, and the tight-rope walking demo. The tight-rope walking demo was pretty amazing as the man performing wasn’t very young but was very flexible and did many tricks.

After the shows, we checked out the rest of the village which included some exhibits on Korean life, authentic homes and palaces, food, and other museums.

Here we are posing in front of one of the larger compounds:

For lunch we ate at the food court and tried Korean sausage stew, it’s pig intestine stuffed with chap chae (clear noodles) and pork’s blood. It didn’t actually have much flavor but in the stew it was pretty okay.

Later during the day, I attempted to do the traditional way of carrying water on my head. The pot was pretty heavy and it had hardly any water in it!

After walking through the rest of the park (which included a Haunted House – scary! – and sculpture park), we headed back to the main city to try their famous kalbi (pork ribs). Apparently this region in Korea is famous for it. We kind of randomly picked a place that seemed full and had pictures of their menu. We were very lucky that one waitress spoke Mandarin so was able to converse with Ron. We ordered the kalbi and it was really tasty.

Afterwards we had a long train ride home and were greeted by our housemates since one of them was having a birthday, we shared some of their cake and are heading to bed.

Click here for more photos in my Picasa album or see slideshow below:

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  1. Willster

    Sup Jen and Ron, nice blog, very cool, lots of pics!

    BTW, when did you switch to the day/month/year format (which everyone in the world uses except for the US?) You gotta stick the backwards US format of month/day/year


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