Cute, Single, Smiling Baby

June 8 – 14, 2011

Simon and Daddy have been frequenting Home Depot.

Simon trying to control the direction of the shopping cart.

Simon had his 15 month checkup today and he’s continuing on the same growth curve. He got a few shots today and he only cried for a few seconds before calming down.


Simon is trying to say new words everyday. Here he is trying to say “blueberry”.

This afternoon we took a walk around downtown Walnut Creek. Simon was instantly drawn to this fountain. He really wanted to crawl into it to splash around (but we didn’t let him).


Anyone want to date this cute single dude?

He even does his own grocery shopping? (He insisted on grabbing a few canned goods and daddy accidentally bought a few that we didn’t need).


Simon really likes the sand and water park at Civic Park. He got soaked and sandy.


We took a trip to San Francisco to meet up with one of Ron’s friends. We had dim sum but then went to have coffee and donuts at Dynamo Donut. We tried an earl gray strawberry, maple bacon apple, and monte cristo.


Our happy baby.

Simon’s funny napping position.


Simon loves watermelon!

Wanna see Simon’s teeth?

He opened his mouth and let me hold his mouth open to take a picture. His 1st molars are in and his canines are coming out.

I took these pictures for Simon. I let him see it on the camera screen, took the picture, then let him see it playback on the camera again. He had a good giggle seeing his two friends, Winnie the Pooh and Ziggy the Zebra.

To bed early.


I want to go outside!

Daddy taught Simon how to imitate an elephant trunk. We ask Simon “show us elephant” or something similar.

Simon has discovered his foot (“jiao”)

Karate kick!

Somehow Simon learned how to shrug. Probably from watching us. Maybe not a good habit…

Another wonderful week with Simon.

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