Horsing Around and First Haircut

June 1 – 7, 2011

It can be cold at night so we have been trying to find different ways to keep Simon warm. This sleeping robe is from Grandma Chung when he was first born and now it finally fits.

He looks so poofy.

Ah, so comfortable!

Kermit Simon, ready to go out with Daddy.

At Target, waiting for a ride.

Simon thinks going over shopping cart speed bumps is super fun!

Simon in his yellow and blue M&M outfit.

Simon can be very insistent… here he is trying to convince daddy to turn on the TV to watch Sesame Street… saying Cookie, Elmo…

Having a good nap after a day out with Daddy.

Simon is getting very active these days and doesn’t like to sit in the shopping cart so we have one of those kid harnesses to keep him from running around all over the place. He won’t hold our hand and doesn’t really listen to us when he’s focused on doing something… so this is our only option for now.

We tell Simon we’re putting on his Pooh backpack when we want to put on the harness.

Babies sleeps so well after running around in a store.

So went to get ourselves lunch at a KFC drive-thru before heading to Costco. Simon actually slept for a while after we took him out of the carseat but eventually woke up. He spotted some Sesame Street books which we ended up buying for him.

Sleeping again as we headed to SF for dinner with my coworkers.

Simon actually let Uncle Hansen hold him. But then Hansen bounced him a little too much and he got upset.

Simon only let Auntie Cheryl hold him for a second then got upset again. Simon has been a mommy-monkey for the last few weeks.

Thank you everyone for coming out in the rain! 1 week left to work with these wonderful group of people!


Simon figured how to draw lines.

Simon is excited he learned how to use his horse on a stick. He has enough wrist muscle now to hold it up by himself.

Riding his horse video.

Simon usually hates walking on the sidewalk but we decided to bring his “leash” with us anyways for the time when he would want to do it. Today happened to be one of those days.

I’m walking ahead and hiding behind trees and doorways. He really seemed to enjoy that.


Simon really needs a haircut but we decided we should have some fun with his hair while it is still long. Daddy has super strong hold gel… these are his attempts at styling… Mohawk.

Profile shot.

Full on view.

Sonic the Hedgehog?

Middle part.

Enjoying the swing at a neighborhood park.



We went to lunch with grandma and to visit a nearby park. He loves the slide, especially when we slide down with him. I think he feels more safe with us holding him.

Then we went back to the house and Simon wanted to play with the water fountain while my mom was cleaning it.

He got himself all wet while using this scoop to try to take water out of the bucket.

He would just end up dumping the water all of his arm and head.

He loved it!

Then he ended having to run around the house in his tank top onesie while we dried his clothes in the dryer.

Simon’s new cookie monster PJs.


Simon knows how to turn on the ceiling fan.

Simon playing with the train set at Kristine’s Kuts while waiting for his appointment.

Sitting in the kiddie car chair… happy before they start cutting his hair.

He got scared of sitting in his own chair so instead sat on my lap. Kristine was spritzing his hair with water to make it easier to cut.

Snip snip snip in the back.

All done because Simon started crying and moving around too much.

She recommended we have Simon watch daddy getting a haircut first so he won’t be so scared the next time.

Outside our house.

After his hair dried, we saw that the front was crooked… unfortunately looks kind of dorky, almost like a rice bowl cut but not quite.

At least the back is nice, shorter and not all over his neck.

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