Davao Day 3

Ron had his first dive today at 9:30am at a location called the Coral Garden. While he went with the instructor, Timo, Elina, and I stayed around the area to do some snorkeling. The water was still cool since it was early morning and it was very clear. There were so many fish and corals. I saw box fish, damsels, clown fish (Nemo!), pipe fish, etc.

We returned to the resort around noontime to take a break and have some lunch. I ordered the tuna melt (P225) and pomelo juice and Ron had the grilled salmon steak (P400). We were really really hungry!

Ron went for his second dive around 1:30pm to the “underwater mountain”. Basically it’s a small mountain underneath the water and Ron and the instructor walked around the base of the mountain before coming up. The water was a bit cooler and choppier in this area where I went snorkeling. It was harder to see since the sun wasn’t as bright and the water murkier.

After all that swimming, we were both exhausted so when we arrived back around 3:30pm, we went to nap until 6:30pm! By the time we woke up, it was storming pretty hard but the resort is kind enough to provide umbrellas so we ventured out for dinner.

We have geckos all around out patio:

but they all went into hiding during the storm.

We ordered the Asian crab cake with shiitake mushroom sweet ginger chili sauce (P180).

Deconstructed as a happy face!

The Sinigang (shrimp tamarind based sour soup with local summer vegetables, P350). REALLY sour!!

Asian Flavored Beef Tenderloin with blue river prawn dumplings on a soy-garlic glaze and stirfry noodles (P650).

Ube Lanka Turon (purple yam and jackfruit spring rolls on caramel sauce (P100).

Tiramisu with almond tuille and tropical fruit coulis (P150).

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