Davao Day 4

No breakfast buffet today but they still offer guests the choice of an American, Filipino, or Continental breakfast. It usually costs P400 and it includes the following:

Juice (watermelon, pineapple, papaya – Jen, mango – Ron, or banana)
Toast (white – Jen, brown, or whole wheat – Ron)
Bacon – Ron, ham, or sausage – Jen
Two eggs any style (over easy – Ron, sunny side up – Jen)
Coffee – Ron & Jen, tea, or hot chocolate

Another day of diving and snorkeling. Starting at 9am we went out with a family who were doing snorkeling and “discover scuba” (which is where an instructor brings you down but not very deep). Ron did two dives while I just went snorkeling with the kids of the family. We bought some underwater cameras so I was taking photos of the fish, anemones, and corals.

Our boat crew:

We returned to the resort around 1pm and went to try the lunch buffet (P700).

Ron had to rush a bit because he was supposed to have his PADI (scuba) certification exam at 2pm. I stayed back to have more fruits with Timo and Elina. I ate my fill of pomelo pieces. I honestly think I ate 5 plates full as they kept on refilling the tray and I just kept on getting up to get more. They weren’t the juciest pieces but they were really fragrant and tasty.

By the time I finished stuffing myself with fruits, I went back to the cabin and Ron was still there studying. Apparently the person who was supposed to administer the exam was a bit late. Ron finally went for his exam at 4:30pm so he ended up missing the massage he scheduled for 5pm. I went for my massage at 5pm and by the time I finished, Ron still was not back. He didn’t finish his exam until 7pm! He passed and will receive his official certification card in the mail!

Tonight was also a special dinner buffet in the restaurant that also included entertainment. There was lots of traditional singing and dancing and they even invited the guests to participate in a dance involving jumping over sticks.

(Yes, this is Ron dancing)

The buffet dinner was P800 and included so many different dishes. Main courses included chicken afritada, beef barbeque, inihaw na tuna panga, deep fried tilapia, crab relleno, pinakbet, arroz a la valenciana, vegetables, etc.

My favorite part was the desserts: puto (purple cake), palitaw (coconut), cassava cake, langka turon (banana eggroll), guinataang bilo bilo (banana tapioca soup), etc.

A good night.

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