Day at Grandma Tam’s House

Day 254

Since I had the day off, I brought Simon to San Ramon to see Grandma Tam. She made him his first rice porridge with carrots and pork. He ate a few bites but then wanted his avocado. Since the porridge was kind of thick, it was probably hard for Simon to swallow since he can’t breathe well through his stuffy nose. Grandma made him some for later so we’ll have to thin it out with some water or something. She also got Simon some gifts like clothes, bibs, and toys. Thank you Grandma Tam!

While playing with Simon, he climbed up onto his car all by himself. (The reason it didn’t roll away from him is because it is pushed up against the Despicable Me plush which is up against the baby gate.)

It was nice to have a day off during the week but it will definitely be a crazy day at work tomorrow. It was exhausting driving to and from San Ramon today though as I was unlucky at the Caldecott Tunnel both ways. It’ll be interesting to see how traffic will be after the fourth bore is complete.

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