DJ Simon

Day 255

Future job as a DJ?

Simon eating some more porridge. Yum yum!

In the last few days, Simon has picked up the courage to “cruise” on the furniture. He usually wants us right next to him so that he can grab onto us if needed but Ron was able to lure Simon with this red box.

Simon can move a little faster overall these days. His crawl still isn’t completely coordinated but he can move pretty quick if need be.

Simon all bundled up and coming with daddy to pick me up from work.

Hungry, waiting for dinner at In ‘n’ Out.

Offered some hamburger bun.

Eagerly chomping away.

Simon seems to like bread and is interested in whatever we are eating. I hope it’s okay that we offer him stuff from our plate. We make sure that it’s something easily mashable and hopefully without too many additives like salt.

Simon pooped out after a long day.

Here’s to the weekend!

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