Dentist Visit and Paper Fun

Friday, January 24, 2014

Simon and I had our dentist appointments this morning at Contra Costa Dentistry. Simon was very excited to go to the dentist because he would get to watch “Planes” while having his cleaning. The office has monitors on the ceiling so you can have a nice distraction while getting your teeth worked on.

Simon did a great job with his first set of x-rays and his cleaning. He collected three tokens today and got some fun prizes like this mustache. Lorax Simon!

Unfortunately he has developed some small cavities that need to be worked on so he will be back to see the dentist another day to have those filled in.

Simon went back to school for lunch and the afternoon activities while I went to treat myself to some coffee before heading home. Philz… yum! It took me a few hours to clean and organize the backyard but I’m proud of how organized everything is now. Simon will have a few days in February when school is closed so he’ll get to enjoy the outdoor space as long as it doesn’t rain. He really enjoys going outside to paint and ride his balance bike or scooter or draw on the ground with chalk.

Simon did this fun projects at school in the afternoon. Year of the horse.

Tissue paper and paper plate fish.

Iris received a gift from Auntie Tiffany and inside was some tissue paper which she found more interesting than the gift. She had so much fun with tugging the paper and ripping it.




A little video of her playing. If you can’t view the image below, then click the link under it.

We all had a good laugh about the situation in this picture. I asked Simon to pose for a picture and Daddy decided to give him bunny ears.

Then I let Simon see the picture and he was confused about where those “ears” came from so he looked behind him and actually got up to check to make sure there wasn’t anything on the table. But then I took another picture for him to check if it still showed up. The second picture was at a bad angle so he couldn’t see the “ears” so I took another one.

When he looked at this picture, he started cracking up too and said “Daddy! It was your hand!”. He was so confused and it was so funny to all of us because he was so intent on figuring out what that was behind his head.

Little Iris wasn’t paying much attention, she just wanted to stand up and try to “cruise”.

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