Lunar New Year Celebration #1

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sometimes I need to distract Iris in the morning for a few minutes as I get ready. Today’s distraction is a basket full of toys.

Iris looking cool with Daddy’s sunglasses.

We spent some time this morning before lunch at a park in Alameda. Iris really loves the swing.


Simon had fun playing with some other kids at the park. He also really liked the airplane.

A butterfly was sitting on a flower bush nearby and Iris and Simon were both very interested in looking at it.

Simon shows off his super jumping skills. If you can’t see the video, click the link below it.

We had lunch with Grandpa Tam in Oakland Chinatown before heading out to Millbrae to hang out with the Chung grandparents. Simon fell asleep on the way and we didn’t want to wake him yet so Ron took the whole car seat out of the car and set him down near the Chung’s piano to sleep. He slept this way for more than 2 hours. He really must have exhausted himself at the playground.

Iris wasn’t tired at all so had a fun time playing with Grandma Chung and Uncle William.



We finally woke up Simon because we had dinner reservations at Mokutanya Yakitori Charcoal.

Iris fell asleep on the car ride over.

Unfortunately, she woke up soon after when she heard a loud noise and was fussy for most of dinner until she could fall asleep again. I had to carry her in the Ergo and walk around the restaurant until she fell asleep. It was a little smokey, a little noisy, and a little dark so probably confusing for her. We watched them do a little grilling in this little window.

After dinner, we passed around red envelopes. Simon was very happy.

He even posed for this super cute photo with Auntie Betty.

More celebrations to come!

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