Depart Davao

We sunbathed by the infinity pool after breakfast.

We tried to plan our trip to Europe with our guidebook but kept on getting hot and jumping into the pool. We wanted to get as much tan as possible without getting burned. Around 2, we had to get back to the cabin to shower and pack so that we’d still have time for lunch and catch the last boat to the main island at 4pm. We just had a quick sandwich called Bocadillo de Jamon (cured bacon on a toasted roll).

We said bye to Charlie.

There ended up being no reason to rush because a family of three made the departure to the main island late by 20 minutes. No explanation why, the boat just waited. We were supposed to leave at 4pm and the rest of the passengers started to get antsy wondering what was going on. Finally we see this family coming down the pier with their luggage and they weren’t rushing either, slowly ambling down and slowly pulling their luggage and slow to sit down. No apologies or acknowledgment. A bit rude I think since we departed right after they sat down.

From sitting in the boat, I got a bit motion sick and was very glad to get off to boat at the marina. We took the van to the airport since there wasn’t anywhere to go nearby and we didn’t have too much time.

We arrived at the airport around 6pm and our flight was at 8pm. At the airport, we were required to pay a departure tax of P550 per person (it’s only P200 per person for domestic). Inside the international terminal, the food was quite expensive, it was P230 for a sandwich and at one of the cafes we stopped by, they only had 1/3 of the items they offered on the menu. They let us into the domestic terminal so that we could have some dinner and it was really cheap. Shakes were P75 (we had mango and avocado), a hot dog P50, a BLT P75, and a cup o’ noodles P75.

Look at that fluorescent sauce!

Since we had extra pesos, we bought some snacks of Durian candy (P25), Ube candy (P50), and dried mangoes (P130).

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