Davao Day 6

On the way to breakfast we came across this crab scurrying across our path!

I had a banana shake this morning..

Ron enjoying his meat:

Making my own egg sandwich:

We visited Charlie after our breakfast:

Then we took the free boat service to the small island across from us. A small motor boat brings guests back and forth from this small island as there are also guest houses over there and a small 3-hole golf course. We went to one beach and spent quite a few hours capturing crabs, collecting seashells, and sunbathing. We walked to the other side of the beach to swim with the fishies before catching the boat back to the main resort.

Again we indulged in the lunch buffet and had a nap. After our nap, we went to the aqua sports place to rent a jet ski. We’ve both never been on one before so thought we’d try it out. It was fun but also a bit scary. If you take a corner too sharp, it feels like you could flip over but we never did. I’m not sure I’m a fan but I think Ron enjoyed it. We only had it for 30 minutes and that was enough for me.

We had some time to kill so went to the beach and went “fishing”… don’t worry, we let them go.

Looks like a beer commercial?

For dinner we had the fettucine carbonara and Pearl Farm beef burger and they allowed us to drink the wine we bought at the duty free at the airport. It was in our luggage when we checked into the resort but the guy checking out bags didn’t say anything so we had the benefit of enjoying an inexpensive but good bottle of wine with our meal.

They make their own ice creams too!

Our dinner guest:

Tomorrow will be our last day!

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