Diaper cake?

Day 56

In the last few days, it seems like Simon’s eyelashes had a growth spurt!  They seem so much longer than when he was first born and are even longer than just a few days ago.  So pretty.


We received this cool gift from one of the pharmacy technicians at my work.  She’s the “social chair” of our department since she plans all the birthday and holiday parties for us.  I think this is what is called a “diaper cake” and it has two layers.  I’m amazed that she rolled up each diaper, tied each one with a ribbon, then formed this cake.  She also included some bibs, a Hello Kitty thermometer, and some teething toys.  The diapers are super cute too, they have little chicks on them.  I wonder what brand they are?


This is the bottom layer of the cake.  Unfortunately the diapers are newborn size so they don’t fit Simon so I think we will end up giving these away to a lucky new mom.


Simon was quite a handful today.  He fooled us yesterday into thinking he was ready to sleep through the night when he slept 5 hours straight.  This morning I woke up around 4am to nurse and he continued waking up every hour until about 9am.  I fell asleep many times with him still on the boob.  He didn’t seem to mind as he was sleeping soundly in my arms each time I woke up.  I think my milk production is more abundant but the let-down is too slow for him so he gets fussy.  I had to give him a bottle a few times today of the breast milk I expressed since he kept on fussing and wouldn’t settle down to nurse.  Ron also went out during the late afternoon so I didn’t have time to catch a nap.  But his cute face keeps me going!  Look at that stare… aren’t you mesmerized?


Tonight I think I really need to get some rest so I’m just going to pump every 2 hours and let Ron feed Simon using that milk.  I started fenugreek capsules yesterday so it may be helping but I still need some sleep and more fluids.  Water does a body good!  Slowly but surely things are improving.  I just have to have more confidence and not stress so much.  Thank you to all those experienced moms out there for the advice, just hearing experiences from friends helps to boost my confidence.

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