Day 57

This afternoon we went to lunch with Ron’s dad at Moonstar Buffet in Daly City.  They have mostly Chinese food and sushi rolls but they also have a few salads, ice cream, cakes, chocolate fondue, and more.

I had two plates of food:


They also had a papaya and white fungus dessert soup and I ate plenty since papaya is supposed to help breast milk production.  Let’s hope it works!

We met up with Ron’s dad since he wanted some advice on what to get for Simon when he comes to visit.  So we headed over to Babies”R”Us after lunch and picked up a few things.

Simon sleeps very well in his car seat so sometimes we use it at home to rock him to sleep.  The only bad thing about having him sleep in the car seat is that he seems to have trouble pooping after he wakes up so can get kind of cranky.  Here is him sleeping soundly:


Then all of a sudden, “Wah!” while he is having a bad dream.  He went back to sleep after this.  It’s funny to see his frowns and smiles while asleep.


Simon loves to jump up and down (with support) while standing on our laps.  His head still lolls around a bit so we still have to support it while he is bending and straightening his legs.  He needs to work on his core muscles so that he can help to support his upper body.


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