Dog barking = Simon laughing

Day 164

Simon enjoys looking at bright colors. Ron bought this ABC toy which is a caterpillar with each foot being a letter of the alphabet. Simon enjoys banging on it but not sure if he understands much of it when it is talking to him.

Simon’s OOTD. Green polo with overalls.

So after work today, we dropped by my co-worker Julie’s place because our pharmacy team has a twice monthly study session and tonight was the night. We haven’t had a chance to introduce Simon to most of them yet so I thought this would be a good opportunity. Tonight they were studying pain management but I just didn’t have the energy to attend the session. Anyhow, Julie had a dog named “la mei” (= spice girl) who she adopted a while back. She had been abused in the past so can get a bit anxious and start barking. She especially dislikes men, and even dislikes them more when they are either wearing a hat or hoodie. She seemed to dislike Ron, possibly because she is from Taiwan and he reminds her of her past abuse… so she would bark at him. I thought Simon would be scared of her bark but quite the opposite, it would make him burst out into giggles. It was quite random but funny.

Yay for the weekend!

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