DooBu Korean BBQ & Tofu Restaurant

We met up with our friends Tiffany and Cassie to have dinner in Japantown. Cassie recommended this Korean restaurant called DooBu, what a cute name!

We’ve passed by a few times while shopping in Japantown and heard good things about it so were excited to try it.

The place was pretty empty on a Tuesday evening, while we were there, only 2 other parties came in to have dinner as well. But that just means we got better service.

We ordered an appetizer and 3 bowls of tofu soup. You can tailor the spiciness of the tofu soups from “non-spicy” to “spicy”. We were warned by Cassie that “spicy” was really spicy but thought we’d try it anyways.

Our dinner included a deep fried fish per person:

Plus with each tofu soup, a stone pot of purple rice.

The appetizers (tofu, chap jae, seaweed, kimchi, & bean sprouts). In this picture is the sauce for the pajun (a pancake).

Ron & I ordered a kimchi and vegetable panjun, kind of like a Korean pizza or pancake, served on a hot stone plate. Had lots of vegetables and with the sauce, was really yummy.

We also ordered their special: ham and cheese tofu soup. It was a bit weird to have so much cheddar cheese and it was very gooey. It ordered “spicy” but it was tolerable, not as hot… definitely not like the experience we had in Korea, read about it HERE.

Cassie and Tiffany ordered the dumpling and rice cake tofu soup. I tried one of the little rice cakes. Cute and chewy.

Boy we were stuffed, the bread of the pancake and the cheese filled up our stomach.

Korean BBQ & Tofu Restaurant
1723 Buchanan Street
San Francisco, CA

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