Downtown Berkeley

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Simon had his swim class this morning and the teacher worked with him on floating on his back. Simon’s belly tends to sink and he pulls his chin toward his chest so the teacher was helping him to correct his position and he is able to float for a few seconds before having to “jack knife” and stand up.

After swim class, we visited the Farmer’s Market nearby and picked up some delicious strawberries and carrots. Simon’s favorite thing though was the balloon twisting lady. He requested a turtle and she kindly obliged. He’s so happy with his turtle.


Then we stopped by the Downtown Berkeley library to pick up our library cards and check out some books. The children’s section is near the top and it was beautiful and spacious. They had a large carpeted area for kids to read or play and had tons of books! Simon liked to sit in this rocket.

We went home for lunch so Simon could have a nap. While Simon and Daddy napped, I took Iris for a stroll around our neighborhood. She really likes being outdoors and observing everything.

In the late afternoon, Auntie Betty and Uncles Henry and William dropped by for a visit. Uncle Henry is eyeing Iris’ snacks while Auntie Betty is watching TV.

We all went to dinner at Bowl’d Charcoal Grill in Oakland. We were too intent on eating so I didn’t take many pictures except for their delicious fried potatoes (sweet and savory) and their delicious fried chicken (regular and special Bowl’d sweet and spicy). I love this place more each time we eat there. They even reserved a table for us on a Saturday night. Only problem is that parking is sometimes difficult on Telegraph Ave but it won’t deter me from eating here again. I really want to try their hot pot.

Also, generally, if the kids like it, we also like it.

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