Distracted by Television

Friday, April 11, 2014

Simon’s lunch of apple pear, strawberries, rice, Chinese sausage, and carrots.

Ron stayed home with Iris in the morning because Annie had to run an errand. Iris was still sleeping when I left to take Simon to school and go to work so Ron sent me this picture of them.

Iris has a favorite sleeping corner on Annie’s futon. Iris seems to like to be “enclosed” with pillows and blankets around her head. It must keep her warm and comfortable.

Simon playing with his construction vehicle.

Iris happy to be standing.

Simon really likes to watch television. He does not watch everyday so he thinks of it as a treat. Iris does not usually pay attention when the television is on unless there is a song she likes but she was very distracted by the television today.

Plus she loves to do whatever big brother does!

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